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Organic Education Model

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." ~ Albert Einstein

What is the Organic Education Model?

We believe in Organic Education for all ages. This Model enables communities, churches, neighborhoods, and families to come together and lend a hand. Education, in its most organic form, is learned from human examples, demonstrations, and love. We will be forging a new path of education together. We are attempting to bring back an urgent sense of social responsibility and a human example of learning together. Only a small portion of education happens in a building. The rest remains in our environment.

By providing Mentors and internships, children have the opportunity to explore their interests in potential careers. It gives mentors the opportunity to discuss questions regarding their field of work, college, and what it takes to succeed past high school.

By providing Parent Family Partners, young parents have the opportunity to ask questions, het help, and support from seasoned parents with time to invest into their lives. New parents need a little help sometimes and our Organic Education Model is designed to lend a hand when assistance is needed.

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