Establishing Familiesand communities that thrive

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

The Juniper Concept is designed to reengage communities, families and individuals in social & environmental awareness, and to provide meaningful bonds within our families and communities. We desire to equip our future generations with the skills to have secure connections in themselves, in family, and in society.

What we Believe

We are a faith-based organization that believes in extending love first and foremost in order to meet the needs of others. We have a heart for equipping people from all walks of life with the tools to live fearlessly, with purpose and thrive. We live within a society where fear and stress are an accepted part of life. We want to see a community that will go out with joy and be filed with peace. The Juniper Concept Corporation prepares children and families with the knowledge and opportunities to live joyful, purposeful lives. We believe that we will go forward with peace by addressing emotional, physical, spiritual and environmental needs.

At The Juniper Concept Corporation, this change begins with an uncompromising goal to establish alternative options to the way we educate children and families, and the way we reach children in foster care, wealthy families and impoverished families. “Instead of the thornbush will grow the juniper tree…” (Isaiah 55:13)

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