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The Grow Juniper Project

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The United States has been blessed abundantly with agricultural production, but does our next generation of youth know what ecology is? We feel it is time to expand agricultural awareness by developing a community understanding of agriculture and ecology. The creation of a Community Garden is just one way to develop on-going relationships between families, communities, schools, individuals and their local farms.

The Grow Juniper Project brings sustainable, organic farming and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects to your back yard. Schools and neighbors will have the opportunity to participate in agricultural projects, learn how to identify agricultural materials, and take responsibility for their ecosystems.

By getting involved families and individuals will learn fun ways to implement practical, sustainable alternatives to the way we run our households, schools, and lives. By feeding our appetites with knowledge of how to grow our food, we will have the opportunity to feed our community too. Partner with us in giving back. Learn more about Getting Involved.

Programs For Growing Ecological Awareness

Our Grow Juniper Project gives communities the opportunity to help families in their neighborhoods. Find out more about a Garden in your area and how you can get more involved. Find your Local Community Garden.

From Farm to Table offers unique workshops teach adults and children the art of what we eat. These FREE hands-on classes are designed to teach:

  • Fun ways to cook and prepare family friendly meals
  • Organic nutrition (what's in your food?)
  • How to bring the kids into the kitchen
  • Seasonal cooking
  • Canning
  • Medicinal Cooking
  • What to do with herbs

To find out what's cooking in your neighborhood, check the Community Calender

Capture the Rain
These FREE Do-It-Yourself (DIY) demonstrations designed to teach participants the hands-on skills needed to use rain gutters, rain barrels and water systems to capture rain water for reuse. Sustainable farming starts with sustainable water collection. Learn ways to conserve water in your home and yard. Learn what materials, tools and processes are needed to build your own rainwater collection system for your home. Check the Community Calender for upcoming demonstrations in your area.

Composting Basics
These FREE Do-It-Yourself (DIY) demonstrations and workshops designed to help bring awareness to ways we can better connect to our ecosystems. Learn what fertilizer is and how it works. Learn how to make your own compost from basic household trash. Check the Community Calender for upcoming demonstrations in your area.

Community Gardens
Your local community garden is an integral part of The Juniper Concept. Find out what's going on in your Community Garden!

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