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About Us

The Back Story...

After many years of desiring society to change, the foundation was laid for the Juniper Concept. The theory is simple. We want to bring back purpose and meaning in our social environments. Creating a sense of social responsibility in neighborhoods has the potential to reach children and young families before their environments do. Together we can provide tools for change, ways to reengage families and bring back that “old town village” style.

For many years my wife and I sat in the hallways of the juvenile dependency courts listening to many families devastating stories and situations. We heard story after story of children falling through the cracks of the judicial system and our education system. There was one common thread in all the people we met; they all felt disconnected from their communities. The need for change was very evident after talking to these families. The statistics of violence, gangs, mental health issues and suicide is growing and escalating every year. Parents in need of help and their children feel lost and alone. We have become a generation of disconnected, isolated, and abused people. My wife and I desire to see a change.

The Question...

How can we change the outcome for the children and families falling through the cracks of our society? How do we meet the needs of so many people that feel afraid, alone, and detached from their families and surroundings? Where is the community support? Where is the sense of belonging? It became clear that our judicial system is very broken and we don’t have the means to change it, but we can change the statistics and outcomes of those involved. It became very clear that the disconnected humanity was affecting all of us, everywhere, in every walk of life. If we can intervene at a family and community level to change stereotypes and statistics then we can actually meet the needs of our future generations.

The Charge To See Change...

Let’s bring back small town, small village, and community strength! Let’s join together to bring unity back into our neighborhoods, families, and environment. Let’s look at the way we educate our children and families and improve our connections and bonds. Our Programs are designed to teach meaning and purpose filled ambition to our children and grandchildren in practical ways. Let’s turn off the television, ipads and cell phones for a few minutes and create neighborhoods that know what ecology is, that know how to build a tree house and play in it. Let’s convey love, hope, and charity. Let’s give love, and receive the gift of love in return. Together we can bring back hometown memories, holiday traditions, and social responsibility. Together we will understand sustainable ecology, go back to our roots and plant the seeds to a healthier tomorrow.

Thank you for joining us in this Charge to see Change! We look forward to hearing your stories, and seeing your neighborhoods grow in love and strength.

From our family to yours,
Dan & Casey Nachtrieb

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